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Do I need a damage sticker?
Where can I obtain a damage sticker?
What is the difference between adjuster and an appraiser?
How do I obtain a claim number?
Who do I pay the deductible to?
What form of payment does Powerchief accept?
How long will my repairs take?
What are betterment charges?

In the Case of a Collision

If you are involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident where the combined damage to the vehicles exceeds $2,000 you are required by Law to obtain a 'Damage Clearance Sticker' from the R.C.M.P. or the City Police.

If a tow truck is needed you may have your vehicle towed to the repair shop or location of your choice.

If insurance is involved report to your insurance agent as soon as possible.

It is your privilege to choose the auto body shop where you wish to have your vehicle repaired. Only the vehicle owner has the right to authorize repairs and is directly responsible to the auto body shop for the repair account, until paid for by the Insurance Company.

In the standard automobile insurance contract there is no obligation on the part of the insured to obtain estimates. Your insurers should have a claims service to determine the cost of the repairs at the auto body shop which you choose to repair your vehicle.

If for any reason your insurance company requires more than one estimate, they should provide these without cost or inconvenience to you.

Look for the Automotive Service and Repair Association symbol of quality.